Hi, everyone! I’m new to the community, so here’s some basic info. I’m a 28-year-old woman who primarily rock climbs. Recently, I’ve started weight training to improve my climbing (squats and deadlifts right now.) I’m asking for advice because my close friends who lift are all men, and their bodies are obviously different than ours.

I noticed with weight training that my waist size is getting bigger. I know from taking measurements that my body fat percentage is improving, and I can tell I’m adding muscle and getting more toned. The reason I’m concerned is that I reallyyy don’t want to keep buying more clothes. So far, the change isn’t too drastic, but I’m wondering if this is going to finally level out and I won’t have to buy yet another pair of jeans.

I don’t think I’m overeating, as my diet has stayed pretty much the same. Some of it could also be bloating, as I have endometriosis and IBS-like symptoms. Just looking for some insight or maybe a “this happened to me.”