I’ve spent the past 2 years running fairly consistently (between 2-6 times a week depending on how busy my schedule is) but I keep hitting a plateau. When I started I was doing 5k in 38 minutes and now if I push myself I’m able to do it in under 30 minutes. My all-time best is 25 minutes but that was when I had time to run 6 days per week with distances varying from 5-10k.

My current routine is 5k 3-4 times per week along with the leg press and a couple upper body machines.

I’ll be able to commit more time after exams (currently drowning in books!) but is there any way that I can train better/more efficiently overall? I’ve been pretty haphazard about my workouts and don’t really know a lot about fitness. I just really like the feeling of watching myself improve with better times. Any tips or training plans to look into would be hugely appreciated! Many thanks!