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It’s been almost a month since my second DEXA and I’ve finally absorbed the info, sulked about the not-so-great results, celebrated the good results and am slowly working towards new goals.

Basic Info:

The good:

  • I’m down 3.6% BF!! I didn’t REALLY start cutting until January so that’s a significant loss in 7ish weeks.

  • I’m no longer “overweight” - really, the 138.8 was a bit over my “comfy” weight range of 130-135, but I had been teetering over the 135 for a few years and actually accidentally bulked to 146 in fall 2017 (I consider it a bulk and not plain weight gain because my powerlifting #s went up by about 50%)

  • MY ARMS are 27.7% BF. My arms are the least favourite part of my body. These results speak volumes. Thank you boxing for sculpting my arms!!

  • I didn’t really get the test for this purpose, but my Bone Mineral Density is still very good. Thank you, powerlifting.

  • Not exactly DEXA-related, but I think this is the leanest I’ve ever been. My lowest weight is 123 (post 10 month weight loss) but I don’t think I was this lean. The clothes I wore when I was 123 are loose in certain areas (still tight around arms/legs because I’ve gained muscle).

The bad…:

  • I’m still “overfat.” I’d like to get below 30% but...see note below. I don’t even know if that’s possible, and if it is, if my lifestyle at sub 30% bf would be realistic (I’m already living a very restricted lifestyle on this cut).

  • The right side of my body is “fatter” by 0.2%. I’m a leftie, could this be why?

  • of the 11 lbs I lost, I actually lost about 3 lbs of “lean mass.” Does this mean I actually lost muscle? :(

General obervations/questions

  • At my current BF% (let’s say high 32%), I can see the outline of 4 abs, with the top 2 being clearest. How is it possible that I’m THIS “overfat’? In brainstorming answers, I looked to the good ol’ genetics reasoning. I am South Asian and not a single member in my family is leaner than I (some are skinnyfat, but definitely not muscular).I looked up some scientific journal articles which helped a bit. This one from 2000 looked at an Asian sub-group, but unfortunately they were located in Japan so chances are there were little to no participants in the study who were from India/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka/Pakistan/etc. This second article, while lacking variation in age, gave a more clear breakdown of demographics (East Asian and S E Asian...which is still not explicitly South Asian, but close enough!). More importantly, the study found that while they had the lowest BMI (21.5), Asian women had the second highest body fat % (27.8%). So this leads me to the conclusion that the standard scales of Body Fat % might need to be adjusted a bit for ethnicity. I’ve always heard 10-15% as body builder, 15-20% as elite athlete. 20-25% as athletic, and 25-30% as normal. I think maybe in Asians (more specifically in South Asians, if I’m to use my own example), this range might be higher, such as 27-35% for the normal range. Even at 36.6% BF, I really didn’t look that bad, and I fit into all my clothes from when I was <130lbs!!

  • As mentioned above, my arms lost a bunch of BF, and my legs remain the “fattiest” outside of the gynoid region. This perplexes me because I’ve always LOVED my sculpted, thicc legs. My arms have been large and bulky and annoying tbh. The DEXA scan results flipped my world upside down. I feel like I don’t have any more fat to lose in my legs - they’re fatty, but like nice fatty, you know? And I have a great butt. Also, my arms are still huge looking to me. How could this be? Am I just experiencing some of that wonderful body dysmorphia?

Goals moving forward

  • Next DEXA in late July/August 2019 (6 months) - goal is to get sub 30% BF!

  • Lower my “happy weight range” to 127-132 instead of 130-135. Maybe even 125-130 but let’s see.

  • My current and 2nd cut started on Feb 22 and will go until April 4, when I leave for vacation. The goal will be a 3-4 lb loss, to get to 123-4 lbs. I’m currently sitting at 125.4 after 3 weeks on my second round of cuts in 2019.

  • I realized I have 4-7 week gaps between large events in my life (birthday in May, Spartan Race in June, friend’s destination wedding in August, Half marathon in September), so I think I’ll do cuts in between, giving myself a “break” for those events.

Tips? Advice? Thoughts?