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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their comments last time. It's been a month since my post and I'm steadily losing again (down 5lbs!). I feel in control and healthy once more.

In case this can help anybody else, the big things I was missing or had lost sight of were:

• The Fitbit calorie counter is NOT accurate. Sadly :(

• Everything must be tracked, even snacks (ESPECIALLY snacks).

• Eat for the same target every day. Don't adjust for exercise.

• Hunger pangs can be addressed with water, tea, or just plain distraction. High protein snacks keep you fuller longer. Carbs no bueno (complex carbs can be fine).

• Emotional eating can be managed like every other compulsive tendancy - awareness, mindfulness, logging, replacement activities, and compassion (sometimes I'm in a bad mood and I just wanna snack and that's ok).

Anyway, I think the advice I got was really great, although the downvotes suggest people didn't really like my answers. At the end of the day, I found a way to manage my eating again that works for me and is therefore sustainable.

Thanks, xxfitness!