Hi all - I'm a 21 y/o female who found fitness in college. It is a huge part of my life and I really enjoy it, but have struggled in the past with disordered eating/exercise habits. I am currently in a great place (I am physically healthy & strong) but struggle with being flexible with my exercise regime.

I am a junior in college and have an extremely busy summer/senior year ahead. I know that I won't have time (or energy) to exercise 5-6 days per week, but am worried that the guilt from not exercising/fear of falling out of shape will distract me from my career goals/relationships/what's really important.

Any advice on how to scale back workouts and maintain a decent level of fitness, or how to get over this (probably unfounded) fear of missing days?

Thank you!

PS I am a 21 y/o female, 5'6 ~120 lbs, do primarily HIIT training and lifting