Can't cook inside comfortably, and can't spend a ton of money on a grill. Looking to push my self to cook all my own food for fun, and well being.

I can only afford an inexpensive grill, looking at picking up the cheapest two burner grill from Lowe's. Any tips on getting the most out of less than steller equipment. I am a metal worker by trade and can fab things to a point.

If im going to be doing more than just meat on the grill any suggestions for additional cooking equipment? I'm imagining a cast iron pan I can fit under the hood would be useful.

I know I need a thermometer for the food. How useful would a infrared themometer be as well?

And any other suggestions for reference materials pertaining to cooking over fire. I spend hours looking at books on Amazon and googling. I don't know what's worth bothering with or just hack pulp so I'm at a loss.