I'm a 21 years old college student. I woke up today (15/3/2019 to find out that my father (who works as a Fiqh professor in Saudi) flew in to surprise me.

We talked about my apostacy and our talk ended with him telling me to leave if i was a "man". I packed my things and left and i'm currently crashing it at a friend's house.

The problem is that my father promised to cut me out of his inheritance,get a restraining order and disown me ( i know he is going to do these things) but he can't do any of that without reporting my apostacy to the police.

Since apostacy is punishable by death i'm planning on repenting and pretending to be a Muslim if i'm ever reported to the authorities, but if that happens and people find out i'm no longer a Muslim my life will turn into a living hell. people will ostracise me and some might try to harm me physically , i still have to finish college which is two years away and that would be extremely difficult if a word of my apostacy got out.

I know i shouldn't have let it get this far,i know i should have pretended to be a good muzzie till i was financially independent and had a chance to leave, but i'm sure my father will report me and i want to deal with that.

I was wondering if there was an organization i can go to for help and guidance and wanted to ask your advice on what i should do to prepare for what my dad will do.

edit i only have 100$ on me.

Edit 2 i think i might have insulted Mo and i'm not sure what punishment is there for that. Update : I will try patching things up with my dad or getting him not to report me by giving me time to study Islam on my own (enough time to leave the country safely).