Right now I've had minimal success on my diet. For reference I'm 5'5" and 133# and my goal weight is 125. I've been trying to figure out how to divide up my calories each day because so much of the advice is eat x amount on workout days and reduce on rest days. I've estimated my TDEE to be around 1,800 kcal/day.

My job is pretty much me running around the whole time on my feet.

My week usually looks like this

Mon- bikram yoga (Work 10 hours)

Tues-tai chi/kung fu (work 10 hours)

Wednesday- bikram yoga and 1 hour weight lift (work 10 hours)

Thurs- Tai chi/tai chi sword (work 10 hours)

Friday- 1 hour Weight lift. Tai chi/kung fu

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 1 hour weight lift/ bikram yoga

I've found that anytime I try to "cut" I end up ravenously hungry and I over eat (which isn't helped by the fact that my job is very stressful and there is ALWAYS a bunch of garbage food at work, heh.) When I eat around my maintenance I don't lose any weight... I usually go up a couple pounds, then back down a couple pounds. Kinda just stalling for months now and it's driving me crazy. I've looked into recomp-ing which suggests cutting on rest days and eating at maintenance on workout days, but I find that difficult because I'm working out most days of the week.

Anyone have a similar experience? Advice is much appreciated :D