A little background. female, 29, 130lbs (I started at 125lbs but gained 5 lbs from lifting) I was a DIII college gymnast- about 8 years ago. I haven't workout regularly since I graduated from college. (I used the "I worked out 20+ hours my entire life why would I keep doing it" excuse) I still had some "fake" (residual) muscles left from my athletic days.

In February I decided I needed to get serious. I started "Ice Cream fitness 5x5 novice program" It's a linear lifting program. My lifts all increased- squat from 45 lbs to 115 lbs, Bench from 45 lbs to 85 lbs etc- I've been doing this program for 6 weeks and feel like I'm starting to max out my daily linear progressions.

I'm struggling with where to go next- do I move up to a novice linear progression program? do I keep going with this program? Do I move to something completely different?

The FAQ has a great list of workout programs, but they are all beginner programs. I checked out the r/xxweightroom list and they said to move to intermediate I should be squatting 1.5 my body weight and dead lifting 2x my body weight. What are other people's experience with that? those numbers seem high to me, but I could be very wrong.

I would love to get to a point where I am squatting over 150, dead-lifting over 200, and benching 135. I also want to start moving into more dynamic lifts (cleans, snatch, snatch press etc).

Does anyone have any thoughts as to where I should go next?