So, the title says it all. Fellow bulk/cutters, how do you handle looking at the mirror at the end of a bulk? What do you feel? Do you feel less like yourself? More unattractive? Do you ever miss how you looked like at your best? Do you start questioning why you did it at all? Do you ever think about how much of a pain it's going to be when your cut starts? To eat less, to feel weak, to crave foods you didn't even know you liked...

I am having trouble looking at myself... Facing the end of this phase. It annoys me that I'll be maintaining this weight for a couple of months before starting to cut. None of my favourite spring dresses fit. My jeans are snug and my cheeks are fuller. Maintaining means I won't be able to eat as much as while I was bulking (which was the best thing about this!).

I am stronger and tougher. My muscles definitely grew during these almost 6 months of bulking. I weight 12lbs more than before and lift almost 30~40% more than before in all of the compounds.

I just want to feel alright. Any tips to change this idiotic mindset?