I have been a fan of Brie Larson for years, and following her Instagram as she trains for Captain Marvel has been super inspirational. I have become more serious about weightlifting in the past year, and watching Brie train and get to the point where she can do pull-ups and even push a car has really inspired me. I hate pushing the weighted sled at my gym but thinking about Brie Larson has actually helped me to get through it on a few occasions, haha. She really seems like she's training to get strong and it's awesome.

It breaks my heart to see that in the comments of videos of her talking about her training routine on YouTube and Facebook, there are so many people (read: men) who are saying she is a) arrogant for making a big deal out of working out for the movie, or b) "still doesn't have an ass" after all of this exercise. Some of them are even talking about boycotting the movie. They just can't wrap their brain around the idea that a woman would want to exercise for any reason other than making herself more attractive to men. Comments sections are a cesspool to begin with, and I'm not at the point in my life where men being idiots on the internet surprises or even upsets me that much any more, but I wanted to see what you awesome ladies thought of this!