I have been reading r/keto for several months and have learned much. The success stories posted here have been extremely helpful and encouraging to me. For as much as I have gotten from this community, I felt like it was time to share my story and give back some of what I have taken from here.

The past couple of years has been an extremely challenging time in my life. It started around the passing of my grandmother, was complicated by a growing family and the many challenges children bring, the unexpected passing of my wife’s father, and the stress of a new management role at work. To put it bluntly, I had no time for myself, I ate horribly and gained a lot of weight, and ended up being diagnosed with major depression. This was probably one of my lowest points of my life.

I’ve always been overweight my entire life, but this was the worst point for me in terms of my weight. With the increased weight I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure, and various forms of IBS (mostly attributed to my gall bladder removal years ago) for which no diet ever seemed to help with. All of these have improved dramatically over the last 5 weeks.

I began my journey into Keto on January 6th, 2019 after months of trying to figure out how I could change my lifestyle in a way that I could live with long term. I know from past attempts that any diet I do that I can’t live with long term is just doomed to fail. I’m a huge fan of meat and potatoes and could eat them for every meal, hell I’ve been known to eat a hamburger for 3 meals in a single day.

As an engineer, I always attempt to engineer a solution to my problems. My weight has been one that has eluded me for years. Working with my doctor at the end of last year we came up with a plan. One that I could live with. We discussed things that I couldn’t do without in my diet and for me those were things that revolved around lots of protein like chicken, pork, beef, venison, cheese, etc… He suggested I do a low carb diet and start by restricting my carbohydrate intake to under 50 carbs per day. I started my own research and discovered r/keto late in October and saw all of the great success stories here. It dawned on me that this is probably the lifestyle I have been looking for and one that I can easily see myself living with.

I have noticed massive changes in the last month. Increased mental clarity, reduced pain (I’ve had a shoulder issue for years that hardly bothers me now). I wake up refreshed in the morning, no groggy hang over effects or trying to wake up out of a morning haze. My wife notes how much less irritable I am early in the morning. Most notable to me is the new level of energy I have throughout the day. No longer do I have the post lunch tiredness or ups and downs throughout the day.

As of today I am down 23 pounds. I survived one business trip (lost 3 pounds that week) with several more on the horizon. Yesterday I wore a suit for a meeting that I have fit in for well over a year. I am down to my last hole in my belt and down from 48” pants that barely fit me to wearing old 46’s. The best part is I hardly feel like I am on an actual diet. I eat the things I like most, I eat till I’ve had enough (always staying within my macros). Keto may not be for everyone, but I definitely see a long future of this lifestyle and way of eating for me.

Thank You!