Hi everyone, I'm new here on the subreddit so apologies if this has been asked before! (silly me I didn't think of following this subreddit much much muuucchh earlier).

Anyway as most of you I'm in the droughtlander phase but I actually never read any of the books so I figured its about time to start! I'm interested in buying them all as ebooks (even though I always prefer the physical thing) but could somebody tell me

  1. How many they are and which ones are their titles or chronological order? I checked the author's website but theres a lot on there and I'm not sure which ones are for just Outlander.
  2. And most importantly do you know any good links to buy them from? Never bought ebooks before.
  3. Also up until which book have we seen in the series now? I understand they have changed quite some stuff.
  4. Feel free to tell me about something else to keep in mind as I plan on submerging myself to them for the next 6 months if not more

(no spoilers about the books please! feel free to spoil the series though I've watched it)

thanks in advance!