I've been living in a foster home since January '18. I turn 15 in March. The foster parent if you want to call her that is a woman with a weight and alcohol problem who loves to yell. She blames me for getting her daughter pregnant who is 22 and lives here. I never had sex with her, and I would choose death if it were a choice between that and having sex with her. Unless she somehow raped me without me remembering it, it's not mine, but she's going to put me down as the father anyway. The foster "parent" claims teenage boys can't control their hormones so it must have been me.

I can't afford a lawyer to fight this in court. I said I would go to the doctor with her and get a paternity test, and she thinks I will falsify it by giving someone else's semen sample. She is trying to gaslight me into believing something that never happened, probably because the real father is a real loser like her.