I'm a late 20-something year old female. I'm also a doctor. I've worked hard to get into the field I'm in and love my work.

Even in a professional setting I cannot get away from sexual harrassment and/or creepy-line crossing behavior. It's exhausting. I'm your doctor. I have to get very close to your face to do my job to make sure you're healthy. Don't ask me if this is the part of the exam where we make out, don't add me on social media, don't message me every other day asking to get to know me, don't comment on my office's social media account about how you find me attractive and call me "tastey". Just fucking stop. I refuse to work in an exam room where a patient is between me and the exam room door now and it just makes me sad I NEED to be this aware, but I've learned it is necessary.

I know others experience scenarios like this, but I had to rant. I just want to go to work and, at worst, deal with regular crazy not sexually driven harrassment.

Edit: thank you to people for their supportive words, inquires and shared experiences. Some of you provided advice, which well intentioned, is not necessary, I was just looking to vent/rant and get it out. I'll try to respond to people where and when I can.