One of the few scenes in the series in which I actually cried my eyes out was the one with Jamie and brianna in the woods. I am usually not very emotional but this scene was just perfect. After indicating the rape was her fault and she should have fought more when being attacked, jamie tries to help Brianna with coping with the trauma. It teared me up how he handles the situation and says all those hurtful things to get her angry in order to physically show her she could have done nothing. I suppose she wouldnt have listened to anybody and she might still have thought it was her fault hadnt he done it. All the emotions, the parental love, the absurd self-blame and the hopelessness- everything was there. They have this lovely father-daughter relationship with Jamie finding the (at least in this moment) only way to help her.

It reminded me of my father. Although we don't really have a good relationship and we don't talk a lot, there have been situations where he alone helped me dealing with my problems. One time I had a bad depression and just couldn't do anything as i didnt see any solutions/way out, he did everything he could. He just showed me love he never had before (we rarely got along) and he kicked my ass a lot to lead me out of the messes I made. It was probably the only reason I graduated and I'm so thankful for that. This jamie-brianna dynamic just reminded me of that. That parents sometimes handle situations in a way you wouldn't expect and their love is sometimes one of the only things to truly help you coping with life.