hello everyone, hoping to get some input on the cawdor gang list i made. also i named all of them after medieval weapons, so the weapon after their class and before the semicolon is their name and not part of their loadout.

Leader: Halberd; chain glaive, reclaimed autogun, mesh armor, cult icon. 230 credits

Champion: Corbin; polearm/blunderbuss, flak armor, emperor’s wrath rounds. 170 credits

Champion: Arbalest; heavy crossbow, flak armor. 220 credits

Ganger: Falchion; reclaimed autogun, incendiary charges, flak armor. 95 credits

Ganger: Estoc; reclaimed autogun, flak armor. 55 credits

Ganger: Pernach; flail, stub gun, flak armor. 70 credits

Ganger: Flang: club, reclaimed autopistol, flak armor. 60 credits

Ganger: Voulge: axe, reclaimed autopistol, flak armor. 60 credits

Juve: Dirk: fighting knife, stub gun, flak armor. 50 credits

i'm trying to keep the list to things either already in the base ganger box or that i think will be pretty easy to convert. C&C welcome. EDIT: sorry about the formatting, should be better now