First time poster, apologize in advance for the long post.

A little background info (skip to the bottom for questions):

I am a 27 y/o PA student currently on rotations. My father is a physician and for the longest time growing up, I was fascinated with clinical medicine and was sure I wanted to be a clinician. Seeing how my dads view on medicine changed over time, and hearing about all the systematic problems that existed, made me think twice about solely pursuing a clinician role. I wanted to have a greater impact on healthcare beyond just direct patient care and decided to search for a different career path.

I got a Masters degree in Healthcare Delivery where I was exposed to hospital administration for the first time. It was amazing meeting C-level executives through our program and understanding how they were able to truly improve health systems with their strategic decision making. I met a couple of clinical MBAs and really felt like that was the perfect job for me. I really valued how clinical MBAs had the flexibility to make strategic decisions and also participate in patient care.

At this point, I felt that I needed to make a decision about whether to pursue a clinical career or admin career first. I had all my prereqs for med school complete but my MCAT score had just expired. I revisited pursuing an MD and then getting an MBA but I ultimately decided that the overall cost and time conflicted with my family planning/personal finance goals. I decided instead to pursue a PA/MBA.

Fast-forward to now, and I'm starting to regret my decision of pursuing PA school. There are many reasons for this which I can elaborate further, but ultimately the clinical-to-administrative pathway that is built in for MD/Nurses in many health systems is non-existent for PAs. I will never understand why our health systems assume PAs cannot be great leaders or are incapable of making operational or strategic business decisions simply because law mandates we have physician oversight clinically. Another topic of discussion, but I digress.


At this point, I am not sure what I should do upon graduating to get into healthcare admin. My original thought process was to work in a health system clinically, obtain a leadership role, and after several years, get an MBA to transition into healthcare admin. The problem is finding a leadership role for a PA in a health system. Is this pathway feasible? Are there leadership opportunities available to PAs that perhaps I am not aware of? Any clinicians out there know of such an opportunity if it does exist? (a title of the position would be super helpful)

I am in the Boston area, and a friend of mine suggested finding a healthcare consulting gig after graduation and then doing an MBA/admin. Thoughts?

Asking for a friend here, I know I'm not the only PA out there to have considered this, would be a huge service to a lot of PAs out there who are considering a similar route.