Hello Reddit,

I´ve been accepted into both University of Tilburg and Erasmus University of Rotterdam school of Economics for the upcoming 2019-2020 masters. Now I have to choose.

I will be paying the international student fee (around 15k euros - whichever scholarship I get). I will be paying it with a government loan from my country.

Looking at the rankings, both universities seem to be placed very similarly. I've heard the general consensus is that Erasmus Rotterdam is better. However, I know some very high-ranked economists in my country who went to Tilburg and have had amazing careers and highly recommend the university.

I've also got the feeling that Tilburg is more theoretical economics. I am looking for the university with most appliability and employability. I hope to work in areas of international economic cooperation after the masters, and hopefully, stay working in Europe for a while, maybe 1-2 years after my masters, so I need to be good enough to get a sponsored visa.

The thing is, Tilburg comes with an automatic reduction cost of 25%, which makes it about 10k euros, while Erasmus is 15k euros unless I get a scholarship. This is making it very tempting to accept Tilburg, but I do not want to rush too much just for 5k euros.

Which university should I go for?