So, I'm the head of household for myself, my autistic brother, and my mom, who's a disabled vet (not a service related disability). Her disability pulls in $960/month (until the new admin decides that disabled people don't need money to live). I've been the primary source of income for nearly a decade now. My dad's dead, and was out of the picture before that. Right now, I have a federal job on furlough, so I've been looking at grad school options, because even after this resolves, it's clear that the shutdowns are an increasing political tool. I need to get that higher degree if we're going to thrive and not just survive.

My question is, if I leave my home to go to grad school, the loans that I've seen so far will cover their expenses while I'm gone, but not mine. I'm looking for tips, tricks, hacks for living out of my car during this time, near or on campus, using the facilities on the campus gym for hygiene and the library and such for study spaces (as well as charging laptop/phone, etc). I've been applying for school in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, which are pretty mild compared to, say, Maine, but are still pretty cold in the winters. There's been some awesome bits of info out there. But do folks here have any nuggets of wisdom to keep me warm and fed until I can tasted that sweet, sweet degree?

Edit: Just to clarify, I'm a first gen student, so I know very little about this. Only what I've scraped up from talking to coworkers and what's on Google. Even my adviser for my undergrad wasn't very helpful.