Welcome to the results of our Best of 2018 contest.


Subreddit Awards


Best post of 2018 (4 platinum)

Best post of 2018 runner up (3 platinum)

Best "Quality Post" of 2018 (2 platinum)

Best comment of 2018 (3 platinum)

Best comment of 2018 runner up (2 platinum)

Most beautiful post (1 platinum)

Best submission you probably missed (1 platinum)


Topic Awards


Most mildly interesting 'thing that looks like something else' (2 gold)

Most satisfying numerical coincidence (2 gold)

Most mildly interesting factory defect (2 gold)

Most mildly interesting body anomaly (2 gold)

Most aesthetically pleasing pattern in something (2 gold)

Runner Ups (R, 1 gold)

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted, and of course the wider community for making this sub the best sub on reddit! A mildly interesting fact is in 2018, our subreddit received a total of 134,703,858 unique user views and a total of 541,360,611 page views! Woohoo!

Have a Happy 2019!

Mildlyinteresting Posts of the Week Oct-Dec 2018

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