Male, late 20’s, CO

I quit drinking soda and energy drinks a few months ago (I haven’t consumed alcohol in years) and I replaced that habit with drinking Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice. The juice comes in 10oz. glass bottles that look very similar to Corona beer bottles. Here lies my issue: This morning I was walking to my car from my apartment and I had a bottle of my juice in one hand and my 1 year old daughter, in her car seat, in the other hand. My neighbors basically jumped me from behind. One grabbed my daughter’s car seat and the other was punching, kicking, and yelling at me. He was saying stuff like “The nerve of you to drink and try to drive with your baby.” As a result, my juice bottle shattered in the parking lot cutting my hand, my cell phone’s screen is destroyed, and I think my nose is fractured. Most importantly, the neighbor who took my baby went inside his apartment with her and it took 10 minutes of me explaining through the screen door that I was not about drink and drive, but that I WAS DRINKING APPLE JUICE. This all just happened. I’m calling the cops. Any suggestions?

BTW, I didn’t get any apologies or anything from the neighbors. They said they were doing their “duty” to protect the community.


The police showed up. As soon as they pulled up more than a half dozen neighbors came out and are giving witness reports.


Both men were arrested and I will be making my way down to the police station in a few minutes. I will be talking to detectives. The police assured me (off the record) that both will be serving time because felonies were committed.