I had posted previously and for whatever reason, my post was removed. Not exactly sure why. Anyway, I would like to share my experience with an HPV infection. I will post updates as I go along, so stay tuned!

I felt "weird bumps" (two, to be specific) on the outside of my anus; external anal warts, in other words. I pretty much knew what the bumps were, since I was diagnosed with an HPV infection on my penis. I figured it spread to my backside. So, without consulting a doctor (PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR), I decided to use white vinegar as a home remedy. This actually worked, however, more warts returned, but in different places.

Side note: Even if you are able to successfully remove warts, other areas may be infected that haven't resulted in warts quite yet. Hence the recurrences. The warts I personally removed did not come back, but warts in different spots came about.

Anyway, I felt warts internally after I had recovered from my home treatment (Yeah, using white vinegar is not pleasant. Blood was present while using the bathroom for about a month and my skin was quite irritated). External warts also started to form, and at this point, I broke. I knew I needed to see a doctor, and because I have no primary (well, at that time I didn't), I went to the ER. They confirmed what I suspected: anal warts, caused by HPV. A week later, I met with a colo-rectal surgeon. A little over a week later (today), I had my surgery.

The warts and surrounding tissue were burned; both internal and external warts were treated. Right now, I feel fine. I think I still have some pain meds lingering in my system, which is why I am feeling pretty good. I anticipate tomorrow not being pleasant.

The surgeon described my situation as sort of "in the middle" - he has seen worse, and he has seen better. He told my mother that everything went very well, and I was out in less than a half hour.

I woke up in no pain, just this "pressure feeling" (not sure how else to explain it) coming from my butt. My penis has no pain at all. I was prescribed pain meds.

I will post tomorrow because I feel like that will be the "real experience" as far as pain. Ugh. Hopefully this is a one shot deal, but I know that recurrences are common. We shall see.