Something needs to change in this course. I understand it's a hard course, but it is way too difficult. It's not a weed out course, this is a course that juniors are taking, as well as seniors trying to graduate. I guarantee there's a lot of students out there who are relying on passing this course to graduate and now can't graduate on time because of it.

I'm sorry, but the average on homework assignments should not be around 50%. The average on tests is low, and that's normal for harder classes. However, the most recent project was released and I was above average with a 40%. I spent probably 40 hours on that project, testing every single case, asking TAs for assistance, getting feedback, saying my test cases were valid, only to end up 3% above average. No project should have an average of 37%, that's an issue with the course.

I know there's going to be a lot of people that comment on this saying this is a complaint or that it's just how it is, and yes, it is a complaint. I spend almost all of my free time on this course, and I'm barely above average. This class is single-handily going to lower my GPA, which unfortunately could be the difference be the difference between getting an internship. Something needs to change about this course, as I have friends that took algorithms at other universities and they're amazed at how shitty our curriculum for it is and how low our average is. Their averages were in the 70%.