Hey everybody, was hoping for some assistance in explaining reasoning / putting emotions into words.

When I came out 8 years ago my mother gave me the expected Christian Baptist talk - going to burn in hell, praying for me, just a phase etc.

I started dating my now fiance a bit later and am now engaged. While dating they met a handful of times, she was always fairly cold to him (but adamantly denies this) but I thought she was becoming accepting.

When I informed her of our engagement she proceeded to tell me that she can not be supportive of this because it's against God's word (quote: "and this will make us both sad!") And she basically wants to continue on ignoring the fact that I'm gay. I made clear at this point that I have no interest in having her in my life if she isn't supportive.

Since then she regularly will text or leave voicemails saying she misses me, hopes to see me soon, love you etc, again, fully ignoring that there is any issue. I have not been responding.

My siblings seem to think I'm overreacting and that "she still loves me"... I don't know where to go or what to say from here. Am I overreacting? Am I right to not feel like she can say she loves me while fully happy to just sweep this under the rug? How do I explain this to her or my siblings in a way they can understand why this hurts?

I appreciate any help in trying to figure this out. We're in Canada, so overall fairly accepting, just issues with the mother!