1) They silence all criticisms of the game as being hate or FUD.

-You see this a lot with religions. Anytime someone on the outside criticizes something like say, the Bible, you will inevitably be called a hater or someone who just doesn't understand it, takes it out of context even when you don't, etc...

Case in point, this thread

2) They have essentially tied the game into their own identity because of its close association with their dream game and wallets.

-This kind of goes back to the whole silencing criticism thing. A criticism of the game in their minds is also a criticism of them. This is similar to religious folk who feel personally attacked when you criticize their holy text.

3) They throw money at false promises and dreams (AKA jpegs)

-Each time they throw money at a non-existent ship is money in the coffer for CIG. CIG doesn't actually care about you unless you spend enough money (Scientology anyone?). They don't know you and they don't listen to you. CIG continues to pump out ships that aren't even on the roadmap yet, and even though some SC backers recognize this, they're still willing to buy them because maybe one day they will get to actually fly in it.

Case in point, this thread

-They've also changed the word "sale" to "DONATIONS" so that when people get pissed that they didn't get what they bought the fans can claim, "well, you donated the money what else were you expecting?"

4) They ignore literally all facts that fly in the face of their dream.

-Kind of loops back to my first point... but they literally ignore any facts about the game that are certainly unprofessional for a company as large as CIG with the funding it has. $200+ million dollars and 7 years of development. All we have is a shitty alpha version and still countless unfulfilled promises.

-Yes, we all understand that game development takes time, yes, it requires funding. But when you claim that somehow CIG has done good on their promises when they've pushed back the release dates time and time again, claimed it was fully funded, and yet still is not finished you have to be really oblivious to think that there's nothing wrong with that.

-I also don't care that they had to do all these extra things... there's a reason most people don't try to reinvent the wheel...

And finally...

5) The worship of CIG and Chris Roberts.

-Seriously, I have never seen a man worshiped as madly as Chris Roberts. They defend him and his shady company practices all the time. Despite the fact that the entire project is now the anti-thesis of the kickstarter's original vision, they still act like he's some kind of holy man who can't do anything wrong. Anyone who thinks to criticize him just has a hate hard-on and doesn't understand how game development or the economy work.

Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts. I'm sure you guys could expand a little more.