So...I had to leave the safety of my River Raft for a couple days to scavenge, got tired of the salt and Jerky. Parked up at a bridge and managed to get an Electric Car going to drive and I came across this mall on a dead end road.

Spent the past week clearing out the shops and picking up the glorious Junk Food caches and some new duds. Filled the car trunk merrily each night with bottles of soda and potato chips. Good times again!

Then suddenly...groaning from outside...peeped through the windows and a Horde was on its way here. Killed a few stragglers but they were gaining ground.

Tried to get to my car, only to find it smashed to bits by a Horde trying to get in from the North. Ran through the mall and gunned down as many as I could because all my ammo and grenades were in the trunk. Went around the mall to the East and this is the size of the Horde that's descending upon the mall right now. That grey dot on the radar's lower left is the location of what's left of my car and all my guns, ammo and grenades scattered.

And I'm outta food and all I have on is Lamellar Armor, a Heater Shield and an Ice Axe. The food caches are almost empty.

And it's Black Friday. Fuck me.