Little backstory, I live on an island and there is only one laundromat and I am there the same day every week. Our Island is 60% tourists, and most of those tourists are 55+. At this particular laundromat, there is a single air conditioned room so that is where I sit and watch Netflix until my laundry is done. I get mistaken for a worker there all the time, yet I know for a fact that there are no workers there, just one old drunk owner (who is never present) and about 20 washers and dryers.

But today was a different story let me tell ya. I am normally a very nice person, but I have the curse of a short temper. So there I am sitting in the little room with headphones in when rich old white lady (we'll call her OL) comes in.

OL: *slams her laundry onto the table and stares at me* "Shouldn't you be up front or something?"

Me: \removes headphones** "Excuse me?"

OL: "It took me forever to find you, you're like hiding back here!"

Me: "What do you mean?"

OL: "Oh my god, whatever." *angrily takes out her wallet\* "How much?"

I thought she was just generally talking about the price of the machines.

Me: "2.50 for wash and .25 per 5 minutes on the dryer."

OL: "And dry cleaning, folding and steam?"

Me: "They don't have that here."

OL: "WHAT?! Fine fine, here, I'll be back in an hour."

Me: "What?"

OL: "Are you deaf or stupid? Please just fold it when you're done."

I was beginning to understand the fact that she thought I worked here.

Me: "I'm not doing your laundry."

OL: "WHY THE F*** NOT?! You're the only place on this dump island!!"

Me: "I. Don't. Work. Here."

OL: "Well you look like you do! Fit right in with this slum, all you locals do!"

Me: "Just get the f*** out of here." *Starts to put my headphones on\*

OL: "Ill pay you, just do them and I'll come back."

Me: "Even if I DID work here I wouldn't be doing your laundry."

OL: WHy not?"

Me: "Because you're a rude b****!"

OL: \packing up her laundry and turning very red in the face** "I will call the manager!"

Me: "I call him for you!!! Guess what, hes a local too. He owns this 'slum' as you called it."

Her face went from red to white. She packed up the rest of her clothes and jiggled her way out the door. And here I thought I looked decent today.