First of all, I wasn't sure who to ask about this. I'm 18 and I still live with my parents. I haven't told them yet because I don't want them to worry about me all day. I am kind of freaking out and trying take actions as soon as possible. So if this is the wrong subreddit, my bad. Let me know which subreddit I should post it to.

Also I'm posting this from my phone while in class, sorry about all the typos.

I work at a fast food restaurant. I've had the job for 2 years now. There is this one guy who is kind of crazy. He always talks about drugs and harming people. He also sucks at his job, so managers aren't fond of him.

For the past couple months, he's been talking about how he always wanted to murder someone. I don't have any issues with him, because I usually ignore all the crazy stuff he says and mind my own business. So yesterday he comes up to me while I'm talking to another co-worker and says, "Shut the F up or I'll kill you." I ignored him and walked away. 5 minutes later, he goes "I'm playing with you haha." I was like "Alright." An hour later, I was working with him and he says, "What would you do if I grabbed that knife and started stabbing you right now?" This time I was kinda confused and I said, "Stop talking about all that." "You scared of me or what?" He says. "I'm not scared or anything, it's just weird for you to be talking about murdering me." I said.

Nothing happened after that. Later that night, he goes to the coworker I was talking to (Let's call him Bob), and told him,

"That dude is scared of me." Bob - "Why?" "Cuz I said I'ma murder him." Bob - (Awkward silence) "See that knife over there?"

That's all he said. Bob told me all that when he got off. At this point I don't know what to do. I haven't told the managers yet because if I do, they're gonna fire him for death threats and he will know I told the managers.

Should I risk everything and talk to the manager/HR? Or should I go make a police report? Any advice helps.

Edit : Hey guys! Thank you everyone for taking their time to write all the comments. I really appreciate it. My current decision is to quit the job. I think getting the cops involved in this situation is just going to make it worse. It's safe for me to just get out of this and stay away from that crazy guy.

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Edit 3 : I'll go back to my job to let the management know what's going on before I quit.

If the GM doesn't want to fire him, I will be filing a police report and talking to the HR to make sure he doesn't harm anybody.

I just talked to Bob, he said he doesn't want to get involved in this situation. There was another employee who overheard the crazy dude saying "I'll kill you." Hopefully I can get that employee to back me up. Again, thank you everyone. If you think I should do anything else, please let me know.

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