Then in my urologist's office this very sweet, this slip of a girl (Maybe 5 feet, 4 inches in height, and about 120 pounds in weight, and I am sure an extremely competent resident) said this same thing to me, and I did not challenge her on this.

Now in retrospect (and after rereading the literature of Dr. Jason Fung and other literature -- I knew it pretty darned well before I got that advice), maybe I should have been more assertive and have asked her, "Do you know of any study showing that advice effectively keeps weight off overweight people in the long run?"

I have lost weight repeatedly in the past by cutting back on calories and avoiding bread during dieting times, but I didn't know until I read Dr. Fung what the issues and solutions are. Today I weighed 204, the lowest in decades I have been and I'm looking to get to about 185. (I am 69 years old and have been obese since middle school. Good times! Not.) Previously I always gained the weight back. But this fasting method is painless, simple, and it is a "fire and forget" method. "If I do this the weight will go away and I will be healthier." It saved me from diabetes about 3 years ago, so no need for continuing on metformin, etc.

Alternate Day Fasting has worked wonderfully for me and even my wife -- my far, far better half -- is fairly supportive of this approach.

How many others have had similar experiences?