When developing video games or any visual application, we often find ourselves needing skills or tools that we didn't first consider. And because it can be so easy to get wrapped up in what WE can see (our code, our assets, our game design), we'll often ignore what others can see, (footage, screen captures, gifs). Which can be quite harmful if you're trying to drum up support for your latest project. Because saying that you're working on a game is good, but showing that you are is always better.

/r/Unity3D has always been an open showcase for just that, with conversations moving onto what's being shown. But one useful question that doesn't get asked enough is, "How did you film that?"

That may seem trivial to lots of you, but remember, I'm a mod and therefore an idiot. I actually don't know how all of you make those giffy things. What's a webm? How did you record footage for your trailer? How did you edit, save, and upload it? Etc.

So I've made this thread to ask you all...

What tools and techniques do you use to record and share your work? Along with any tips, tutorials, costs, downloads, or social media concerns you might deal with?